Hello everyone, we want to apologize for the lack of updates but StudioTO its not gone at all, as you guys know we are on Christmas vibe, houses are already warm with so much beautiful lights,decorations... christmas its so good ,the 2nd most awesome holiday ever. Everything get so homey, DECORATIONS, FOOD.. aww love it.
And what its the best way to welcome christmas with StudioTO? A xmas dolly doll special illustration!

Yeah, we give you a symbol to wish you a merry christmas and an awesome year to come (in advance), we want to thank all of our followers trough our blog, twitter, tumblr, facebook...for the great support. Its only december 10, and this may not be our last post of the year but we already wanted to do this, so hope you guys like, now lets get to the details...

Got obviously inspired by tsu-chan milky bunny hat but the Japanese Rabbit Year (that is 2011) as well, plus candy cane and gingerbread can't be missed.
("xmas" hat + wallpaper bottom details)

Now eyes and look,  love how that deep green lens color turn out , frequently used by so many japanese models this year, one of the favs kotobuki rui (popteen), definitely inspired by such. And for her look, wanted something dolly but christmassy as well, as mentioned before this year we saw plaid (tartan) patterns more in one pieces then tops and bottoms and think that plaid its a christmas pattern such as for winter don't you think?. So a simple top and a short with bow, buttons and lace as details its essential.


November Dolly Doll + StudioTO New Look

StudioTO gradually change its look , its wonderful to feel brand new again, here we present you November Dolly Doll
We added eyes with lenses and a dolly mouth, love how it turn out, don't you? can't believe it, that once she was a faceless doll. We will start to tell what she's using but for this one, it was inspired on a Geo Angel Brown Lens, we knew that blue were available but the original blue on its not that light blue. So, it was more of an inspiration than the actual color lens. About her lipstick color we better keep as a secret. Her hair style it was inspired by many bangs we saw this year, and still makes a beautiful success. To resume her clothes, plaids are more seeing in details and dresses than clothes pieces but still pops. And the white top just match it all together.
 New projects, new designs new products ...StudioTO changes its look and its full of surprises, so keep checking and help us making more cuteness.<3


StudioTO feat ARTPROJEKT/Zazzle

"ARTSPROJEKT is a curated platform that empowers emerging and establish artists and brands to connect, collaborate, and showcase original art, designs and ideas with fans and consumers..."
-Andy Howell / founder ARTSPROJEKT

Now its official!! StudioTO its one of the newest fourty artists to feat ARTPROJEKT/Zazzle community. ARTPROJEKT and Zazzle team up to bring artists a new way to sell their work and showcase art worldwide, making it without limits.
So check out!! StudioTO can be found at SHOP and ARTISTS links.


Barbie トートバッグ FANART - Part 2

This Special Illustration its the part 2 of the StudioTO Barbie Tote Bags fan art "mini-series", we felt in love by the bags designs, patterns.. they are so lovely and gorgeous.
 So.. to this fan art we've choose the classical pink pattern, but this one its no boring pink, its an elegant plus fashionable tote bag with these little hearts and gold sequins embroidered detail in it.

There are so many Barbie bag designs that its really hard to choose who its the prettiest, but one thing for sure you'll do, fall in love for it<3..aww ^.^

Bags pic (fashionwalker.com) 
pic background by StudioTO


StudioTO in mykawaiispace.com

Many thanks to mykawaiispace for mentioning StudioTO work, if you didn't check this site, what are you waiting for? its loaded with kawaii things, pics by the sweet blogger Emily.


Cutest Halloween Doll

Halloween its coming, one of the most great holidays of the year so as treat StudioTO gives you the Cutest Halloween Doll, enjoy.
Close look at her eyes
#kawaii halloween witch look inspired of the day
hope you all have a special kawaii scary happy halloween!


StudioTO Shoes

StudioTO now have a shoe line! and to begin with, we put StudioTO's unique style in some hi top sneakers.

So for more information, check the link .



Kawaii Cellphone Skins

StudioTO keep updating you with cuteness and NOW you got Cellphone Skins, yep you can have StudioTO unique style for your mobile phone, the skins are vinyl skins and they come with a free matching wallpaper. We have skins for most of your cellphone devices and models..


Kawaii Button Pins Arrived!!!

StudioTO is delivering more cuteness, now in this lovely kawaii button pin sets, so you can accessorize your cloths, shoes , hats with StudioTO awesome style.


StudioTO sendasmile.com Shop

StudioTO now have greeting cards featuring at sendasmile.com the great #1 community for real greeting cards.
So check it out StudioTO kawaii store at  studioto.sendasmile.com , StudioTO can be found at shops and designers links.


Kawaii Navy BabyDoll

FAV Navy BabyDoll@deviantart
StudioTo add more cuteness to the design style, presenting you a new doll..with SO MANY kawaii navy inspirations, and non-stop on AKB48'S Everyday カチューシャ outfits lol


Eyeko Duo Color Pencil For Eyes + News

Eyeko its StudioTO's great partner and we're very pleased to be ambassadors. Eyeko have already featured in great magazines such as Cosmopolitan,Pride..etc. And now we're so excited to announce that Eyeko its updating a surprising NEW LOOK and PRODUCTS in the next few weeks, so stay tuned at their site eyeko.com
and talking about new things have you tried Eyeko's Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencil?

Get a beautiful natural pastel look with Plum or blend with Electric Purple for a vibrant look. Plus you check the other colors and get more pretty.

DON'T FORGET, use StudioTO's ambassador code: E17220 to receive a free gift with all purchases over £15/€18/$20 at eyeko.com


Cute Hair Tutorial

fAV+ Cute Hair Tutorial@DEVIANTART
Saw this hair style in so many magazines, models its kinda like a cute horn (i don't know the style name, if someone knows plz let me know lol) but the thing is a FUN  style. With 8 simple steps, so enjoy!!



FAV+ Butterfly Doll@deviantart

This doll it was created, after spotting a lovely deep blue Ank Rouge skirt + butterflies, all StudioTO creations are inspired by japanese models, brands ..fashion in a big kawaii general but this skirt it was the reason to take a pick at Ank Rouge's online shop..its really good so much BLUE  pale,deep (black color as well) oh and the jeans pieces..love it.

Fantastic how her ash blonde hair and the bow's deep blue match so well.

Its everything adorable but the onepieces and skirts, ARE WONDERFUL <3
Great how this post got so much blue but in a good way lol. So don't forget fav+ StudioTO's illustration while browsing ank rouge's online shop hehe.


Donut Mickey FREE mini icon set

 FAV.+ Donut Mickey Icon Set @deviantart

ALWAYS been a fan of Disney characters, most villans but aww they are soo cute
prepare for part 2, while that.. enjoy StudioTO free goodies colection!!


Cellphone Wallpapers

StudioTO kawaii designs are now available for cellphone devices, yeah you can have these cute girls as your wallpaper. Its simple, just send us an email telling what design you want and what kind of cellphone you have, we do custom wallpapers as well.

YEP!  We'll send the wallpaper to your email. Just open up the email on your device and save the image to the device.

Get yours for only:
 U$ 0,99
 All wallpapers take 48hrs+ to be made.

Throught Paypal,We accept
Imagens de solução



Kawaii Glasses Doll

FAV+ Kawaii Glasses Doll @deviantart

August girl just arrived! StudioTo already done girls with glasses but never with the eyes along, (big  transformation)
Got so many inspirations with gyaru models with glasses (and butterfly bowties), one lovely example its the Kummicky for hoihoi glasses, the floral details are the best.

Glasses, bow ties, ties in general are pretty much flying together lately on august issues of jmags and as a fashion classic they match so well. And all thanks to guys! yay boys!


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